Village Rozseč nad Kunštátem, region Blansko, Czech Republic

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Jenec of Lomnice firstly officially mentioned Rozseč in 1350 when he sold the village to Smil of Kunštát. Who and when founded the village is not known because no papers of foundation are preserved.

The highest peak of Rozseč is hill Horničí, 701 m, and the lowest point is the Petrman, a border point of three villages the Rozseč, Makov and Petrov.

The beautiful view from our village leads your eyes to the Boskovická brázda, Drahanská vysočina and Žďárské vrchy. On a clear day you can also see Orlické hory, Jeseníky and Praděd.

Rozseč is known as a finding place of amethysts, which were found there very often in the past. The village fascinates visitors also by its boulders, which got here from the area around North Pole about 10 000 years ago.

Some silver mines were founded in this village too. Mining here started in the 13th century, at which time the Českomoravská vysočina was far-famed for its mineral resources. The silver metal was fused in the area or mines with help of wooden coal made by nearby coal makers. The silver rush faded slowly in the 17th century, however the woods around Kanve are still full of mining holes and places as a reminder of the era of silver mining here.

A silver treasure was found in Rozseč while some earthworks were being done in June 1981. The treasure contained 217 old silver coins known as Prague Sou made in 1300 at times of king Václav II. reign as well as Sous from the reign of Karel IV. and his son Václav IV. The treasure could be seen now in numismatic part of Brno museum.

The Chronicles of village Rozseč have been written since 9th December 1923, when Frantisek Vlasak became first chronicler and his work continues full 51 years. Miroslav Sutera was the second chronicler with his 25 years in function. He also photos to the chronicle.

The Halas lineage comes from Rozseč and his affection to this place is well shown in his poems. No wonder than that the silence area founded here is called “Halasovo Kunštátsko”.

The latest census showed that Rozseč has 502 inhabitants. The village contains primary and nursery school, Municipal Corporation, palace of culture, two shops, public house and a post office.

According to the professionals the name of our village means a saddle between hills. The official name was changed few times. First it was Roseč, later Rosez, than Rozseč and in 1938 the village got its final name Rozseč nad Kunštátem.

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